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About us

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In davedans, our passion since 1989, is to offer flamenco “bailaoras” and dancers of classical ballet, contemporary dance and ballroom dancing, the best clothes that help them enjoy their art and convey the emotions they feel when dancing.

We also offer a complete line of fitness-sport garments for the practice of yoga, pilates, aerobics and other physical exercise activities in gyms or outdoors.

And we have a custom tailored wardrobe service for groups, festivals and shows.

We are located in Barcelona, illuminated by the light of Mediterranean Sea, and in a city source of art, modernity and design since the times of Gaudí, Picasso, Miró and Dalí.


We are a family business where we have transmitted clothesmaking mastery over several generations, from the origins in our grandparents traditional tailor shop to our days.

Our products are designed and manufactured to achieve the highest levels of comfort and quality, using the most technically advanced fabrics from the leading European manufacturers and with the fastest possible delivery time.

The whole process of design and manufacture of our products is carried out entirely in our workshop in Barcelona.


Manufacturing process

The creative process of our collections is based on the most current trends in color and fashion, adapting them to the inspiring leitmotiv of each of them. Among the offer of main European fabric manufacturers, we carefully select the fabrics, colors and patterns that best express the ideas and feelings we want to convey.


Next, we draw the sketches of each model and make a sample of each of them. These samples are evaluated in depth at technical level and intensely tested in real dance situations, to ensure that they meet the standards of comfort, functionality and durability that we demand.


Once all tests have been passed, we prepare the pattern and sizing of each model and finally we start production, individually manufacturing each garment in an artisanal way. All activities of the manufacturing process are carried out entirely in our workshop in Barcelona, by our highly qualified staff.

Once made, each garment is revised and checked individually before expedition, to ensure that it will be used to dance to the full satisfaction of our customers and exceeding their expectations.

International presence

Today, davedans products are available in Spain, in most countries of European Union, Japan and USA.

davedans has been present for more than 10 years in the most important trade fair of the dance sector in Europe, Danza in Fiera, in Florence (Italy).

We attend the annual event of the Association des Magasines de Danse (AMD Salon) in Lyon (France).

And we are also very pleased to support with our presence the newly created salon Dance Shop Spain, in Barcelona (Spain).

Ballet de Catalunya (BNC)

In davedans we are very proud to collaborate with the professional dance company Ballet Nacional de Catalunya (BNC), actively participating in the design and making of the costumes at their shows, in close collaboration with their management, choreography and set design teams.

BNC Photos by Josep Guindo

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